Quality of Work Life Programs

Employee retention can often be impacted by factors other than compensation. Many companies regularly survey workers to ensure their satisfaction and address important morale issues. We can provide the development, survey, and reporting for these type of employee surveys.

Employee satisfaction is a key indicator in engagement, performance, and ultimately turnover. Quality of Work Life surveys allow you to understand the needs and concerns of your work force. Most large companies regularly survey workers to ensure their satisfaction, and address important issues in performance and culture.

Benefits of QWL Surveys:

  • Understand what drives you employees to be more engaged, more committed and perform better
  • Identify specific areas to improve work life and employee satisfaction
  • Validate employees perceptions of management, culture, climate
  • Provide data to support change initiatives and to measure impact
  • Provide data to support change initiatives and to measure impact

Customized for your workforce:

Our proprietary list of survey questions are based on the top ten areas that affect employee engagement and ultimately performance.
Choose from the basic areas of pay, benefits and management process, then select areas that reflect your work force's culture or concerns.

Secure & Simple Administration:

Our website allows your employees to trust a third party to collect their responses, increasing participation rates.
Employees can participate at a public company computer, from the privacy or their home or office, or via a paper version mailed directly to HRF.
All results are confidential, but will be reported based on key employee categories, such as position, location, department and tenure.

Powerful Results:

Survey results will be supplied in a variety of formats to meet your management needs.
Basic reports include averages by employee category, frequency distributions across all questions, and specific employee comments. Data will be presented in table format as well as charts and graphs. 
An executive summary will include key findings, identify high priority issues, and make recommendations for action items to improve results.
Our database can also provide multi-year trend analysis, to validate changes are having the desired impact.

Key features:

  • Gap between actual and desired levels for key areas
  • Research based questions include ten factors linked to engagement and “13 rewards in a job”
  • Valid and reliable questions, in use for 20 years
  • Basic survey includes all demo data and executive summary
  • On line data collection yields results in 30 days or less

Additional Services:

  • On-site survey administration
  • Detailed analysis in key areas
  • Focus groups to investigate specific issues and causes
  • Presentation of results to management team and employees
  • Facilitate management meetings to create plan based on findings
  • Development of strategic and operation plans to address issues

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