Performance Management

HR Foundations can help you design performance measurement systems that ensure employees are measured and rewarded for behaviors that help achieve business goals. In addition, we can work with you to determine appropriate business level metrics to measure and evaluate your human resource goal attainment.

Most organizations have an “annual review” process… but how effective is it? Ideally your performance management system should clearly indicate expectations to your employees, provide fair and honest feedback, and also be an opportunity for engagement and development.

We can work with you to develop or refine your performance appraisal and management process to align employee results with organizational goals, while providing an objective, effective and meaningful tool for managers and employees.

What do your best employees have in common? We work with you to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that directly impact the success of your people and match corporate goals and values. Once identified, this list of competencies is also extremely valuable for the recruiting, selection, succession planning and development efforts of your human resource process.

It is always a challenge to bring objectivity to a process that is performed by humans rating humans. The most effective performance appraisal systems work with enhanced process, supervisor training and a rating system to make sure that all employees have a “level playing field”

 Steps in the process:

  • Establish employee performance objectives (competencies)
  • Determine methods for measuring performance and process for review
  • Determine type of performance review including dimensions to be rated
  • Develop process and timeline
  • Create performance review form and policies
  • Determine impact on pay (steps to implement merit based pay increases)
  • Design and conduct training for supervisors
  • Design communication process for clarity and acceptance of new system
  • Integrate with other compensation, training, and other HR programs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of performance appraisal system, recommend process updates

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