Employee Surveys

Information for employees
Our firm, HR Foundations has been asked to conduct a survey employees, called a Quality of Work Life survey for your organization.

This is your opportunity to express your opinion about parts of your job such as pay, benefits, working conditions and hours, supervision and management. We encourage you to take the time to fill out the survey, either online or on the paper form and return directly to us.

Your survey responses are strictly confidential. You will not be asked to identify yourself.
No one at your employer will see your survey. If you choose to write in opinions on the last page, your responses will be typed. Survey results will be summarized and group results given in a report to your employer.

You will be asked to provide some information about department, plant, shift, etc. This information allows the results to be reported by different groups of employees. This will show if issues are from a specific area or across the company (for example, to see if plant workers on different shifts feel the same way about work issues). We will report results by department, shifts, etc. Your individual information will never be reported.

You should receive a stamped envelope to mail your survey directly to the HR Foundations post office box (PO Box 569, Amherst NY 14226). The survey deadline is listed on the first page.

Your employer views this employee survey as an opportunity to continue to improve the two-way communication process at the company. Results will be shared later this year at employee meetings at your location.
Thank you for your participation and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns,

Click here for the link to begin your survey. (no link now)

HR Foundations PO Box 1016, Buffalo NY 14207, Phone: (716) 898-0720