Base Compensation Programs

Salary Structures:

Many companies establish "salary grades" for wage control and equity. We will consider internal worth, external market, and HR strategy issues.


Job evaluation:

What are jobs worth to your organization? We use a systematic process to value jobs, and establish factors to create an internal pay structure.


Skill based pay:

Organizations that want to reward flexibility, cross-training, and skill attainment have worked with us to develop these pay systems.


Market Analysis:

For key positions, we provide a consistent and effective methodology for market-pricing benchmark jobs within an organization. We develop procedures for collecting compensation data from multiple sources, and conduct an external wage analysis. From this data, we will identify and suggest wage policies to influence future compensation practices. If the results suggest competitive issues, we will recommend a budget and plan to address market equity issues discovered in compensation analysis.


Internal analysis:

Compensation has a significant impact on your company's ability to attract and retain qualified employees. Our consultants perform a thorough evaluation of your current compensation system, including a thorough internal equity analysis of current employees pay compared with relevant factors.

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